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Post by Admin on Wed Oct 28, 2015 7:47 am

The Task: Consider the importance of you angle by addressing the following in your original post:
● Why is your angle on economic justice the most crucial?
● What is your authority on this topic? What is the authority of your sources? How impressed will your audience be with these sources of authority? (Ethos.)
● How logical is your angle? What reasons for supporting your argument will persuade your audience? (Logos.)
● How emotionally invested is your audience? How can you draw them in emotionally – make them laugh, cry, or sympathize? (Pathos.)

Consider the following factors when you write your counter-arguments.
● Does the original post fall victim to any logical fallacies? Respectfully point them out.
● Question the authority of the sources provided as evidence.
● Offer evidence that contradicts what the original post asserts.
● Be friendly!


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